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The Art of Modern PHP 8

Joseph Edmonds

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"The Art of Modern PHP 8" by Joseph Edmonds and Lorna Jane Mitchell acts as a fundamental guide aimed at mastering the newest features and best programming practices of PHP. This manual presents a comprehensive analysis of PHP 8, equipping readers with the knowledge necessary to create high-performance and secure web applications.

What is This Book About?

The authors delve deep into the architecture and innovations of PHP 8, covering topics such as the improved type system, new error handling functions, attributes, property constructors, and significant performance improvements. Advanced topics, including asynchronous programming, exception handling, and creating RESTful APIs, are also presented. This edition not only details the new features of PHP 8 but also offers recommendations on writing clean, maintainable code, as well as utilizing modern tools and frameworks.

the art of modern php 8 pdf free download
joseph edmonds the art of modern php 8

Who is "The Art of Modern PHP 8" for?

  • Developers looking to update their knowledge to the latest version of PHP.
  • Web programmers aiming to improve the quality of their code and implement best development practices.
  • Beginners who want to quickly and efficiently learn PHP, from the basics to advanced concepts.
  • Teachers and students of IT disciplines as a reference material and textbook on modern PHP programming technologies.

"The Art of Modern PHP 8" by Joseph Edmonds and Lorna Jane Mitchell is an invaluable knowledge source for anyone aspiring to master the latest capabilities of PHP. It provides profound knowledge and practical skills necessary for developing quality and modern applications.

What Practical Application Does the Knowledge From this Textbook Have?

Applying the knowledge gained from the book significantly enhances the performance and security of web applications and simplifies the development process. Utilizing new features of PHP 8 allows developers to create code that is easier to read, maintain, and test. Knowledge of asynchronous programming and new data handling methods contributes to the development of resource-efficient applications capable of handling a large number of requests without losing performance. These skills are particularly valuable when creating large-scale web services and applications requiring high reliability and speed.

More About the Author of the Book

Joseph Edmonds

He is a seasoned business owner, developer, and author with a notable presence in the e-commerce and technology sectors, specifically within PHP development. As a Zend Certified Engineer, among other qualifications, he has been instrumental in the evolution and growth of e-commerce and PHP technology since the early 2000s.

In response to the increasing need for specialized PHP development expertise, Joseph founded Edmonds Commerce in 2007. Joseph embarked on a new venture in 2020 called Long Term Support Ltd. (LTS). LTS aims to provide businesses with a suite of services designed to spur growth, including expert recruitment, training, DevOps and infrastructure support, consultancy, and development.

FAQ for "The Art of Modern PHP 8"

Question 1: Is prior experience with PHP necessary to read this textbook?

Answer: While basic PHP knowledge will be helpful, the author provides materials for both beginners and experienced developers, thanks to a step-by-step explanation and analysis of new PHP 8 concepts.

Question 2: Which PHP 8 topics are covered most thoroughly?

Answer: Joseph Edmonds pays special attention to typing, error handling, attributes, and syntax improvements, offering a deep understanding of these aspects and their practical application.

Question 3: Will "The Art of Modern PHP 8" help in mastering PHP frameworks?

Answer: Yes, it includes sections dedicated to using modern frameworks and development tools, making it useful for learning Laravel, Symfony, and other popular PHP frameworks.

Question 4: Is the information in the publication up-to-date, considering the rapid development of technologies?

Answer: The authors focus on the latest trends and best practices related to PHP 8, making the guide a current resource for learning modern programming language.


Author: Joseph Edmonds Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1800566156
Publication Date: October 26, 2021 ISBN-10: 1800566158
Print Length: 420 pages

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