PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Doug Bierer

Skills: PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1, object-oriented programming

In the realm of web development, PHP remains a pivotal language, and with the release of PHP 8, its capabilities have significantly expanded. "PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices" by Doug Bierer is a manual providing practical advice, tips, and methodologies relevant to the latest version of the language. This publication is not just an update of knowledge but also a guide to the new features and improvements of PHP 8.

Target Audience

This guide will be useful for both experienced PHP developers and those just beginning their programming journey. It is perfect for anyone wanting to update their knowledge considering the innovations in PHP 8 and learn about the best programming practices.

"PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices" is an indispensable resource for anyone working with PHP in their professional activities. This guide not only unveils the new capabilities of the language but also offers practical tips that help write efficient, reliable, and secure code. Regardless of your experience level, this textbook will be a valuable addition to your professional library.

What You Will Learn from the Book

  • Innovations in PHP 8. A detailed overview of new features and improvements in the latest version.
  • Best Practices. Tips and recommendations for effectively utilizing the new capabilities of the language.
  • Code Optimization. Techniques for writing cleaner, faster, and more secure code.
  • Common Problem Solutions. Practical advice on resolving typical errors and issues in PHP.

This book begins by delving into the latest features of PHP 8, particularly in the realm of object-oriented programming (OOP). It then progresses to cover updates and enhancements at the procedural level. A key focus of the book is on understanding potential backward compatibility issues, coupled with best practices for optimizing performance. 

The concluding chapter offers an in-depth exploration of PHP async, an innovative approach to programming. This is achieved through comprehensive discussions and practical examples of asynchronous programming, utilizing tools like the Swoole extension and Fibers.

Upon completing this book, readers will not only be proficient in the new functionalities offered by PHP 8 but will also be well-equipped with the knowledge needed for migrating existing PHP applications to this updated version.

book PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

About the author

Doug Bierer

Doug Bierer's journey in the world of computing began in 1971 with his inaugural program on a DEC PDP-8. Since turning professional as a contract programmer in 1978, Doug's career has been marked by versatility, having worked with a plethora of programming languages. His foray into web development dates back to 1993, a project he undertook while living in San Francisco.

Apart from his technical expertise, Doug is a polyglot, fluent in four languages, and has a rich history of extensive travel. He currently resides in Thailand. His professional experience is not just limited to programming; it also encompasses years in system administration and TCP/IP networking.

FAQ for "PHP 8 Programming Tips, Tricks and Best Practices"

Question 1: Is prior experience in PHP required to assimilate the material?

Answer: Basic knowledge is desirable. However, the book also contains materials useful for beginners.

Question 2: Is the textbook suitable for learning PHP from scratch?

Answer: It focuses more on the new features of PHP 8, so beginners may need additional basic material.

Question 3: Does the edition include examples of real projects?

Answer: Yes, it presents practical examples that can be applied in real projects. The source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

Question 4: Does the guide discuss security and performance issues?

Answer: Yes, Doug Bierer pays significant attention to security and performance issues in the context of PHP 8.

Product details

Author: Doug Bierer Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1801071871
Publication Date: August 27, 2021 ISBN-10: 180107187X
Print Length: 528 pages

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