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Laravel: Up & Running

Matt Stauffer

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The book "Laravel: Up & Running" by Matt Stauffer is considered one of the key resources for learning Laravel, a popular PHP framework for web development. This publication offers readers an in-depth dive into Laravel, covering both the basics and advanced features of the framework. Matt Stauffer, a recognized expert in Laravel, shares his experience and knowledge, providing practical tips and recommendations for effectively using Laravel in real projects.

How Is the Book "Laravel: Up & Running" Structured?

This manual is thoughtfully organized in a manner that aligns with the chronological process of building a web application using Laravel. It is structured to guide readers, especially those who are new to Laravel, through the journey of developing their first web app. The initial chapters lay the groundwork by covering the essential components and foundational elements necessary to get started with this framework. As the book progresses, the later chapters delve into more advanced, less fundamental, or more specialized features of Laravel.

Starting from the beginning and progressing through to the end provides a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring a thorough understanding of both the basics and the more complex aspects of Laravel. The textbook's layout and flow are crafted to facilitate a smooth and logical learning progression for readers at all levels of experience.

book Laravel: Up & Running

What are the Strengths of This Publication?

  • Detailed Description. A deep understanding of all aspects of Laravel, from routing and authentication to working with databases and testing.
  • Practical Approach. Numerous code examples and practical tips that can be immediately applied in work.
  • Updated Information. Coverage of the latest features and updates of Laravel, making the book relevant for modern developers.
  • Accessibility of Material. Clear and understandable presentation, making the guide suitable even for beginners in programming.

Who is the Book Intended for?

  1. PHP developers who want to master Laravel to enhance their professional qualifications.
  2. Web developers looking for a reliable and scalable framework for creating complex web applications.
  3. Students and teachers studying modern web development technologies.

More About the Author of the Book

Matt Stauffer

He is holds the position of CEO and co-founder of Tighten, a company known for its expertise in web development. He is deeply involved in the Laravel community, not only as the host of the Laravel Podcast but also as the author of a book about this framework. His engagements reflect his depth of knowledge and his commitment to sharing it with a wider audience.

FAQ for "Laravel: Up & Running"

Question 1: Do you need prior knowledge of PHP to understand the material in the textbook?

Yes, basic knowledge of PHP is desirable for understanding and applying the material.

Question 2: Does the book "Laravel: Up & Running" cover framework versions from recent years?

The author strives to cover the most current versions. However, for information on the latest updates, it is recommended to refer to the official Laravel documentation.

Question 3: Is this guide suitable for experienced Laravel developers?

It will be useful for both beginners and experienced developers, thanks to the detailed description of advanced framework features.

Question 4: Does the manual include real examples of projects on Laravel?

Yes, it contains practical examples that illustrate the real application of the framework in web application development.


Author: Matt Stauffer Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 3rd edition ISBN-13: 978-1098153267
Publication Date: October 17, 2023 ISBN-10: 109815326X
Print Length: 559 pages

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