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Programming PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Kevin Tatroe, Peter MacIntyre

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"Programming PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages" is a comprehensive guide to creating dynamic web pages using PHP. This publication provides a complete immersion into this programming language, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced programming techniques.

Who Should Definitely Read This Edition?

This guide will be useful for both beginner programmers looking to learn PHP and experienced developers wanting to deepen and expand their knowledge. It's perfect for developers, computer science students, and anyone wanting to create dynamic and functional web pages.

To assist web designers in mastering various technologies, this article provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand guides covering a range of topics like JSON, XML, session management, PDF creation, and graphic design.

"Programming PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages" is a fundamental guide that should be on the shelf of everyone seriously engaged in or wanting to start working with PHP. This book not only teaches the fundamentals but also demonstrates how to effectively apply PHP in creating dynamic and powerful applications.

What's Inside the Book?

  • PHP Basics. Introduction to fundamental concepts and language structure.
  • Working with Forms and Databases. Instructions on creating interactive web forms and integrating with databases.
  • Object-Oriented Programming. Analysis of OOP principles in the context of PHP.
  • Security and Session Management. Tips on securing web applications.
  • Advanced Topics. Handling XML, creating graphics, network interaction, and other advanced aspects of PHP.
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More About the Author of the Book

Kevin Tatroe, Peter MacIntyre

Kevin Tatroe has been an Apple Platforms and web stack engineer for almost 30 years. He is an experienced developer and author specializing in PHP and web development. His deep knowledge and practical experience in programming make him one of the most authoritative voices in this field.

Peter MacIntyre has over 28 years of experience in the information technology industry, primarily in the area of PHP and Web Technologies. He is a seasoned software development professional. His expertise includes PHP, databases, and system programming, making his contribution to the book invaluable.

FAQ for "Programming PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages"

Question 1: Is prior experience in PHP required to read this book?

Answer: Not necessarily, as it covers the basics of the programming language. However, having some basic programming knowledge will be beneficial.

Question 2: Is the textbook suitable for learning PHP in the context of modern development?

Answer: Yes, the authors discuss current methods and techniques used in modern web development.

Question 3: Does the guide include practical examples and exercises?

Answer: Yes, it contains numerous practical examples and assignments to help assimilate the material.

Question 4: Does the guide discuss the use of PHP in combination with other technologies?

Answer: Yes, Kevin Tatroe and Peter MacIntyre consider the integration of PHP with other web development technologies and tools.


Author: Kevin Tatroe, Peter MacIntyre Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 4th edition ISBN-13: 978-1492054139
Publication Date: March 12, 2020 ISBN-10: 1492054135
Print Length: 941 pages

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