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PHP 7: Real World Application Development

Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain, Branko Ajzele

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"PHP 7: Real World Application Development" by Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain, and Branko Ajzele is a foundational guide that walks through the process of developing applications using PHP 7 features. Authors Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain, and Branko Ajzele have compiled extensive knowledge and practical experience into one publication, offering insights into adopting and applying development approaches and technologies on PHP 7.

What is This Textbook About?

The textbook covers a wide range of topics, starting with a basic introduction to PHP 7 functions, such as improved performance and new type declaration.

You will learn how to use modern development tools, including Composer, Docker, and version control systems. Subsequent chapters delve into the principles of creating RESTful APIs, securing web applications, working with databases through PDO, and managing user data.

The authors also dedicate chapters to code testing, task automation, and deploying applications in production. The manual presents real-world code examples, demonstrating best programming practices and approaches to solving typical development challenges.

PHP 7: Real World Application Development

Who Should Read "PHP 7: Real World Application Development"?

This publication is considered a valuable resource for web developers eager to master PHP 7 and enhance the quality of their projects. The guide is suitable for both beginners and professionals wanting to update their knowledge according to the latest standards and technologies.

Developers interested in creating high-performance and secure web applications will find a wealth of useful information in this guide. The book is also beneficial for students and teachers exploring web technologies and programming.

What Sets This Publication Apart From Other PHP Books?

  • Focus on PHP 7 and its new features.
  • A practical approach to web application development.
  • Deep understanding of application security.
  • Integration with modern tools and technologies.
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics from basic to advanced.
  • Detailed examination of the development, testing, and deployment process.
  • In-depth code examples with explanations.

"PHP 7: Real World Application Development" is an essential tool for anyone looking to develop modern, secure, and high-performance web applications using PHP. The textbook offers profound knowledge supported by practical examples, making it an indispensable resource for developers of any level.

More About the Author of the Book

Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain, Branko Ajzele

Doug Bierer's passion for computers ignited in 1971 with his first programming endeavor on a DEC PDP-8. Since becoming a professional contract programmer in 1978, Doug has demonstrated his versatility across numerous programming languages. His journey in web development began in 1993 with the launch of his first website while residing in San Francisco, showcasing his early adoption and contribution to the evolving digital landscape.

Altaf Hussain brings over six years of dedicated experience in web and mobile app development, specializing in PHP. An electrical engineering graduate with a focus on computer and communications from Pakistan, Altaf has honed his skills across various PHP frameworks such as Zend, Laravel, and Yii. His technical expertise and innovative approach to development have been instrumental in delivering sophisticated web and mobile solutions.

Branko Ajzele plays a pivotal role at Interactive Web Solutions Ltd (iWeb), where he serves as a senior developer and directs the operations of iWeb's office in Croatia. In recognition of his exceptional skills and contributions to e-commerce development, Branko was honored as the e-commerce Developer of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards in October 2014, underlining his profound impact and leadership in the field.

FAQ for "PHP 7: Real World Application Development"

Question 1: Do I need experience with PHP to read this book?

Answer: Basic PHP knowledge will be helpful, but the textbook offers materials accessible for understanding at different levels of preparation.

Question 2: Does "PHP 7: Real World Application Development" cover PHP frameworks?

Answer: It focuses on the PHP 7 language and its capabilities, but also includes information on how these capabilities are applied in popular frameworks.

Question 3: Are there sections dedicated to migrating to PHP 7 from older versions?

Answer: Yes, it discusses aspects of migration and modernization of existing applications to leverage PHP 7 features.

Question 4: Does the guide discuss error handling and exceptions?

Answer: Yes, one of the chapters is dedicated to error handling and exceptions in PHP 7, offering methods for writing more reliable code.

Question 5: Does the book provide information on creating RESTful APIs?

Answer: Yes, the authors thoroughly examine the process of creating RESTful APIs on PHP, providing readers with the necessary knowledge and tools.


Author: Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain, Branko Ajzele Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1787129009
Publication Date: February 20, 2016 ISBN-10: -
Print Length: 1028 pages

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