PHP Cookbook

PHP Cookbook

Eric Mann

Skills: PHP 8.1, DataBase, API

"PHP Cookbook: Modern Code Solutions for Professional Developers" by Eric Mann is a handbook of modern solutions and programming techniques in PHP. The textbook offers practical recipes and strategies that will help developers solve everyday tasks efficiently and with the application of best programming practices. This publication is particularly relevant in the ever-evolving world of PHP and web development.

Target Audience

The book is aimed at professional PHP developers who want to improve their skills and learn about new practices and tools in modern development. It is also useful for those who already have experience in PHP and seek to update their knowledge considering the latest trends in technology.

What You Will Learn from This Publication

  • Applying modern methods and techniques of programming in PHP.
  • Working with databases, including the use of PDO and MySQL.
  • Creating and using RESTful APIs and web services.
  • Efficiently managing and processing data.
  • Developing secure and scalable web applications.

Why Should I Read "PHP Cookbook"?

3 Reasons to Spice Up Your Coding with this book:

1. Conquer Common Cooking Mishaps:

Stuck on a tricky PHP problem? This book serves up solutions for everyday dilemmas - from database wrangling to form validation. No more burnt code, just delicious efficiency!

2. Master New Flavors & Ingredients:

Expand your PHP expertise with diverse recipes covering APIs, security, object-oriented programming, and more. Become a well-rounded chef, ready for any dish.

3. Experiment & Find Your Signature Style:

Beyond pre-made solutions, the book teaches you to adapt and create your own recipes. Unlock your creative potential and develop a unique coding style that sets you apart.

Get ready to elevate your PHP game with "PHP Cookbook"! Your coding journey awaits.

Advantages of the book "PHP Cookbook"

  • Practical Orientation. The guide contains numerous real-world examples and solutions.
  • Relevance. It presents the latest trends and updates in the world of PHP.
  • Expert Perspective of the Author. Eric Mann shares his rich experience and knowledge.

About the author

Eric Mann

He is an experienced developer and PHP expert, known for his contributions to the PHP community. His deep understanding of this programming language and practical experience in various projects have allowed him to compile valuable advice and solutions in his books.

FAQ for "PHP Cookbook"

Question:Is the book suitable for beginner programmers?

Answer: The textbook is more oriented towards developers with some experience in PHP, although beginners can also find a lot of useful information in it.

Question:Does it include information about new versions of PHP?

Answer: Yes, the book discusses the features and capabilities of the latest versions of PHP, including version 8.1.

Question:Does the book contain code examples?

Answer: Yes, it includes numerous code examples that help better understand the concepts and methods discussed.

Product details

Author: Eric Mann Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media ISBN-13: 9781098121327
Publication Date: June 20, 2023 ISBN-10: 1098121325
Print Length: 431 pages

Table of Contents