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PHP Crash Course

Dr. Matt Smith

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In the modern world of web development, PHP holds a key position as one of the primary tools for creating dynamic and interactive websites. The book "PHP Crash Course" by Matt Smith is an all-encompassing guide designed for those who want to master PHP from scratch to a professional level. This edition offers a deep dive into the world of PHP through hundreds of detailed examples and practical exercises. The author shares best practices for developing fast, secure, and easy-to-maintain websites, thereby strengthening fundamental knowledge and experience in programming.

What Will You Learn After Reading the Book?

After studying "PHP Crash Course," you will gain comprehensive knowledge on creating modern web pages using dynamic PHP scripts, static HTML, and Bootstrap styling. You'll learn to write server scripts to handle HTTP requests, process forms, and validate data. Moreover, the book covers the use of browser sessions to implement shopping carts, user logins, and user data storage.

Special attention is given to interacting with scripts that can communicate with MySQL databases and others via PDO, allowing the creation of database-driven web applications. You'll also explore modern methods of web security, including sanitizing user data, session logins with hashed passwords, and prepared database statements. Dr. Matt Smith shares tips on saving time with professional open-source tools, including the Composer dependency management system and the Twig template library.

Advantages of "PHP Crash Course":

  • A practical approach with a focus on current tools and programming techniques.
  • Offers an in-depth exploration of PHP, covering both the basics of the language and advanced web development practices.
  • The book's structure ensures a gradual transition from basic concepts to more complex topics, making learning sequential and understandable.
  • Includes real patterns and modern programming techniques, making the book a valuable resource for creating, extending, and modifying web applications.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  • The high density of information may be challenging for absolute beginners without prior programming experience.
  • Insufficient explanation of specific advanced PHP topics and related technologies.
  • Given the rapid development of web development technologies, certain aspects or tools may become outdated.

Who Should Definitely Read This Edition?

It is recommended for beginner developers wanting to learn PHP from scratch, as well as professionals looking to update their knowledge to the latest versions of PHP and the best practices in web development. The guide will be useful for IT students, web developers looking to expand their skills in creating dynamic websites, and programmers of other languages seeking an introduction to PHP. The book is also suitable for those who want to learn to create secure, fast, and easily maintainable web applications.

More About the Author of the Book

Dr. Matt Smith

He is a senior lecturer in computing at the Dublin Institute of Technology, specializing in interactive multimedia and server web development. Matt Smith has been teaching for over 30 years and conducts research in the application of computer game technologies in support of learning and education.

FAQ for "PHP Crash Course"

Question 1: Do I need prior knowledge to start learning from the book?

Answer: Beginners will find it helpful to have a basic understanding of web technologies.

Question 2: What tools and technologies are covered in the guide?

Answer: It covers working with PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, MySQL, PDO databases, Composer, and Twig.

Question 3: Is the textbook suitable for experienced PHP developers?

Answer: Yes, experienced developers will find valuable information on modern practices and development tools.

Question 4: Does the book include exercises and code examples?

Answer: Yes, it contains hundreds of detailed examples and practical exercises to reinforce the material.

Question 5: Will this textbook help me create my own website?

Answer: Absolutely. You will learn all the necessary skills to create dynamic and secure sites.


Author: Dr. Matt Smith Language: English
Publisher: No Starch Press ISBN-13: 978-1718502529
Publication Date: August 13, 2024 ISBN-10: 1718502524
Print Length: 400 pages

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Why you should buy from Amazon?

Purchasing books is a commendable way to back authors and publishers, recognizing their effort and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.

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