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Code with Java 21

Aaron Ploetz

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In the world of programming, Java holds a special place as one of the most reliable and widely used languages. With the release of Java 21, this technology takes another step forward, offering developers new capabilities and tools for building modern applications.

The book "Code with Java 21" by Aaron Plöetz is considered a timely guide that offers a path to mastery of this powerful programming language for both beginners and experienced developers. It covers fundamental programming concepts and structures, as well as introduces new features of Java 21.

The author shares practical examples and instructions for creating full-fledged web applications, working with databases, and even developing graphics and simple animations.

What's Inside the "Code with Java 21" Book?

This edition presents a practical guide to Java, starting from basics and advancing to topics such as interacting with databases and building web applications.

In the early chapters, you will be introduced to basic language concepts, including strings, arrays, collections, and regular expressions. The author then moves on to more complex topics such as arithmetic operations and common data structures. The guide also includes sections dedicated to graphics and animations in Java, offering readers step-by-step guidance to develop a simple arcade game.

Special attention is given to working with relational and NoSQL databases, including PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra®, as well as developing full-fledged web applications using Spring and Vaadin frameworks.

book Code with Java 21

What Are the Advantages of This Textbook?

This edition stands out from other Java books for its practical approach and focus on the latest advancements in programming. Updating the material to Java 21 allows staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations.

The "Code with Java 21" book offers a deep understanding of how to build powerful, reliable applications that run on billions of devices worldwide. Its notable feature is the abundance of real-world examples and tasks that contribute to practical knowledge reinforcement.

Who Is This Book Recommended For?

  1. It will be beneficial to a wide range of readers, from Java beginners to experienced developers seeking to update their knowledge to the latest version of the language.
  2. The guide is ideal for those aiming to deepen their understanding of fundamental programming concepts in Java, as well as those looking to learn how to create web applications, work with databases, and develop graphics.
  3. The book will be useful for computer science students, programmers looking to expand their skills, and developers seeking practical guidance on using Java in real-world projects.

More About the Author of the Book

Aaron Ploetz

He has been a professional software developer since 1997 with extensive experience in startups and large corporations. He is a three-time DataStax MVP award winner for his contributions to Apache Cassandra development and actively participates in the developer community by answering questions on Stack Overflow and contributing to various open-source projects.

FAQ for "Code with Java 21"

Question 1: What's new in Java 21?

Answer: Java 21 is an update that includes performance improvements, new development features, and enhancements in the standard library.

Question 2: Are prior Java knowledge required to read this book?

Answer: It's beneficial for beginners to have a basic understanding of programming, but it's designed to be accessible and understandable even for novices.

Question 3: Is this guide suitable for experienced developers?

Answer: Yes, experienced developers will find valuable information about Java 21's new capabilities and advanced development topics.

Question 4: Does the textbook include practical examples?

Answer: Yes, it contains numerous practical examples and tasks that help reinforce theoretical knowledge in practice.

Question 5: Can this guide be used as a Java textbook?

Answer: Absolutely. "Code with Java 21" serves as both a self-study textbook and supplementary material for programming courses.

Question 6: Does the book have sections dedicated to game development in Java?

Answer: Yes, in one of the chapters, Aaron Plöetz discusses creating a simple arcade game using Java, demonstrating the language's flexibility and capabilities in game development.


Author: Aaron Ploetz Language: English
Publisher: ‎ BPB Publications ISBN-13: 978-9355519993
Publication Date: January 11, 2024 ISBN-10: 9355519990
Print Length: 434 pages

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Purchasing books is a commendable way to back authors and publishers, recognizing their effort and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.

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