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Java in a Nutshell

Benjamin Evans, Jason Clark, David Flanagan

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"Java in a Nutshell" is a modern approach to learning Java, offering readers a deep and comprehensive understanding of the language. Authors Benjamin Evans, Jason Clark, and David Flanagan combine their knowledge and experience to provide readers with an effective way to master Java in the current programming landscape.

Book "Java in a Nutshell" is an exhaustive guide to Java, blending depth of knowledge with practical experience. This guide is a must-have for anyone aspiring to mastery in programming. Discover the world of Java with this inspiring and informative resource.

Who is This Book For?

This edition is perfect for both beginner programmers and experienced developers looking to deepen their knowledge in Java. The guide will be useful for students, teachers, as well as professionals working in programming and computer technology.

What's Inside the Publication?

  1. Java Basics. An overview of the fundamental concepts and syntax of the language.
  2. Advanced Topics. Dive into multithreading, lambdas, data streams, and other advanced aspects.
  3. Practical Application. Code examples and tasks for real-world application of the learned knowledge.
  4. Modern Java. Discussion of the latest updates and changes in the language.

Strengths of the Guide

  • Current. Aligns with the latest versions and trends of Java.
  • Practical. Numerous practical examples and tasks.
  • Expert Perspective. The rich experience of the authors adds value to the material.
book Java in a Nutshell

More About the Author of the Book

Benjamin Evans, Jason Clark, David Flanagan

Benjamin Evans, a recognized Java Champion, holds the position of Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. His career includes a stint as the Lead Architect for Instrumentation at New Relic and co-founding jClarity, a performance tools startup that Microsoft later acquired. Benjamin played a significant role in the Java Community Process Executive Committee for six years, contributing to the establishment of new Java standards. Ben is also a regular contributor to Oracle's Java Magazine and other industry publications.

Jason Clark holds the role of Principal Engineer and Architect at New Relic, where his work spans a broad range, from large-scale JVM data processing pipelines to Ruby instrumentation libraries. Net-based web services. Jason is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and co-authored "The Well-Grounded Java Developer."

David Flanagan is a computer programmer primarily known for his extensive writing on JavaScript and Java. He holds a degree in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

FAQ for "Java in a Nutshell"

Question 1: Is programming experience required to read?

Answer: Basic programming knowledge is desirable, but the book is also suitable for beginners.

Question 2: Is the guide suitable for preparing for Java certification exams?

Answer: Yes, the guide covers many aspects necessary for certification exams.

Question 3: Does the guide include a discussion of Java frameworks, such as Spring?

Answer: It focuses on the Java language. Frameworks are covered very briefly.

Question 4: Is the information in the edition current considering the rapid development of technology?

Answer: The authors strive to keep the information up to date, reflecting the latest changes in the language. You have the 8th edition.

Question 5: Does the book provide online resources for additional learning?

Answer: Yes, it includes links to additional resources for in-depth study of the topics.

Question 6: Where can I download PDF previous versions of the book?

Answer: Previous versions of the book are available for download here: 6th edition and 7th edition.


Author: Benjamin Evans, Jason Clark, David Flanagan Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 8th edition ISBN-13: 978-1098131005
Publication Date: March 21, 2023 ISBN-10: 1098131002
Print Length: 479 pages

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