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PHP and MySQL Web Development

Luke Welling, Laura Thomson

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The book "PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson is considered a fundamental guide for anyone aiming to master web development with PHP and MySQL. This resource has established itself as an indispensable source of knowledge for web developers.

Covering a wide range of topics, from the basics of PHP and MySQL to advanced programming techniques necessary for building scalable, secure, and efficient web applications, this edition offers a practical approach to learning through real-world examples, exercises, and case studies.

What is This Book About?

The guide extensively covers the use of PHP and MySQL — two leading technologies in modern web development. You will learn to create dynamic websites, work with forms, sessions, and cookies, manage users and their permissions, and develop secure web applications. The authors pay special attention to performance optimization and handling large volumes of data. They describe methods for designing databases, executing efficient queries, and organizing code to ensure maximum efficiency and maintainability of projects.

What are the Strengths of This Guide?

  • Deep coverage of topics: from basic concepts to advanced programming techniques.
  • Practical approach with real examples and case studies, facilitating better understanding of the material.
  • Detailed explanations of working with MySQL databases, a key aspect for web developers.
  • Updated content, aligning with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.

Who is the Book "PHP and MySQL Web Development" Recommended For?

  • Web developers looking to deepen their knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
  • Students and instructors of web development courses.
  • Professionals seeking practical recommendations for optimizing existing web applications.
  • Self-learners aiming to master website development from scratch.

More About the Author of the Book

Luke Welling, Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson holds the position of Director of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation, where she leverages her extensive experience in technology and leadership.Laura's academic background is as impressive as her professional journey, holding a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) degree and a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) degree with honors.

Luke Welling is a seasoned software engineer known for his contributions to open source and web development. He is a regular speaker at prominent conferences like OSCON, ZendCon, MySQLUC, PHPCon, OSDC, and LinuxTag, sharing his knowledge and insights with the community. He also has a strong commitment to education, having taught computer science at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

FAQ for "PHP and MySQL Web Development"

Question 1: Is the book suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, but having basic programming knowledge would be a plus.

Question 2: Is the information in the textbook relevant for the latest versions of PHP and MySQL?

Answer: The authors strive to update the edition to match the latest versions of the technologies.

Question 3: Does the guide include exercises for practice?

Answer: Yes, it includes exercises and practical assignments.

Question 4: Will the book help in developing commercial projects?

Answer: Definitely, the knowledge and skills gained from the book are applicable in commercial development.

Question 5: Where can I free download "PHP and MySQL Web Development ", 5th edition in PDF?

Answer: It is available for free download on Github.

Question 6: Are additional materials needed to work with the guide?

Answer: For most exercises, a computer with installed IDE is sufficient.


Author: Luke Welling, Laura Thomson Language: English
Publisher: Pearson India; 5th edition ISBN-13: 978-9332582736
Publication Date: January 1, 2017 ISBN-10: 9332582734
Print Length: 687 pages

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