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Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features, 10th Edition

Horstmann Cay S.

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In the world of Java, where technologies evolve every day, the book "Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features" by Cay S. Horstmann holds a special place. This guide represents the second volume of a two-volume set and is considered a desktop reference for serious Java programmers.

Cay S. Horstmann delves deeply into advanced aspects of the language and platform, providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the capabilities and tools necessary for creating high-performance and reliable applications. This edition is not just a textbook but rather a handbook that reveals the power of Java through detailed explanations and analyses of advanced topics and practices.

What is This Book About?

"Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features" covers a wide range of topics, each of which is of interest to developers striving for excellence in Java.

The author thoroughly examines issues such as:

  • Multithreading and concurrency,
  • Network programming,
  • Accessing databases through JDBC,
  • Working with XML and JSON,
  • Developing web applications using servlets and JSP,
  • Advanced GUI components in Swing and JavaFX,

As well as security issues, Cay S. Horstmann not only lists facts but also offers a deep understanding of the principles behind each of the discussed tools and technologies, demonstrating them with practical examples and real-world usage scenarios.

What Sets the Book "Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features" Apart From Other Java Publications?

This textbook thoroughly analyzes each topic, revealing not only how but also why one should use certain language features. The author emphasizes best practices and design patterns, allowing readers to understand the essence and principles of the code rather than just copying it.

Additionally, the book contains many tips for optimizing application performance and security. The author leverages his extensive experience in teaching and development to make the material accessible and understandable.

Who is This Guide for?

  • Experienced Java developers seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Programmers working on large-scale and high-load systems.
  • Specialists wishing to deepen their understanding of advanced Java concepts.
  • Teachers and students studying advanced programming courses.
  • Developers looking for solutions to specific technical challenges.

The book "Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features" by Cay S. Horstmann is a comprehensive guide to advanced Java features. It will be a valuable resource for anyone striving to achieve mastery in programming in this language.

More About the Author of the Book

Horstmann Cay S.

He is a renowned figure in the field of computer science, currently serving as a professor at San Jose State University. Horstmann is also an accomplished author, known for his influential and widely-used texts on programming.

Cay S. Horstmann's works are highly regarded in the academic and professional programming communities, making him a respected voice in the world of computer science education and Java programming.

FAQ for "Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features, 10th Edition"

Question 1: Is prior experience with Java necessary to read this book?

Answer: Yes, it is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the basics of Java.

Question 2: Is the information in the textbook up-to-date considering new versions of Java?

Answer: The author strives to regularly update the book, including changes and innovations in the latest versions of Java. This is already the 10th edition.

Question 3: Is the guide suitable for preparing for Java certification?

Answer: It covers many topics required for certification but is focused on practical application of knowledge.

Question 4: Does the guide include exercises and tasks for self-study?

Answer: Yes, it presents practical assignments to reinforce the material.

Question 5: Where can I download the book "Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features" (10th Edition) in PDF?

Answer: It can be downloaded via the link on Github.


Author: Horstmann Cay S. Language: English
Publisher: Pearson; 10th edition ISBN-13: 978-0134177298
Publication Date: December 6, 2016 ISBN-10: 0134177290
Print Length: 1086 pages

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