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Test-Driven Development in Go

Adelina Simion

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The book "Test-Driven Development in Go" by Adelina Simion and Miki Tebeka serves as a comprehensive guide dedicated to the software development methodology based on testing. Highlighting the key aspects of Test-Driven Development (TDD) within the context of the Golang programming language, this textbook becomes an essential resource for programmers aiming to enhance the quality of their code and accelerate the development process.

This is an essential resource for anyone looking to master the discipline of test-driven development in the Go programming environment. This book not only educates but also empowers developers to write more reliable and maintainable code. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your coding practices download "Test-Driven Development in Go" for free in PDF today!

What is the Book "Test-Driven Development in Go" by Adelina Simion About?

The guide is divided into several parts, each delving into different aspects of TDD. It covers the following key topics:

  • An introduction to TDD and its importance in modern software development.
  • Specifics of applying TDD in Golang, including setting up the testing environment.
  • Examples of writing tests for both standard and concurrent applications.
  • Development and refactoring code using TDD cycles.
  • Integrating tests into existing projects and setting up continuous integration.
test-driven development in go adelina simion pdf
adelina simion test-driven development in go pdf
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Who is this Guide for?

It is intended for a broad range of developers: from beginners just starting to learn Go and development methodologies to experienced programmers looking to deepen their knowledge in TDD.

This guide will be particularly beneficial for those aiming to improve the quality of their projects and ensure their reliability and maintainability.

What sets this textbook apart from other Go books?

  1. Practical approach. The book focuses on real examples and practical tasks, which helps better assimilate the material.
  2. Focus on TDD. Special attention is given to TDD, a topic not often covered in Golang literature.
  3. Accessibility for all levels. The material is presented in a way that is understandable for both novices and advanced developers.
  4. Modern examples. Uses the latest versions of Go and contemporary development tools.
  5. Depth of coverage. Provides a deep dive into each topic, exploring complex issues.
  6. Broad scope. In addition to TDD, the book covers topics such as optimization, security, and scaling of applications.

More About the Author of the Book

Adelina Simion

She serves as a technology evangelist at Form3, where she leverages her extensive background in engineering across multiple programming languages. With a decade of technical experience gained at various startups in London, Adelina began her career as a Java backend engineer before transitioning to using Go, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to mastering emerging technologies.

Adelina is also an accomplished educator, having created and published multiple online courses about Go on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

FAQ for "Test-Driven Development in Go"

Question 1: What TDD tools are recommended in the book?

The authors describe the use of Go's standard testing libraries and tools like GoMock and Testify for mocking and assertions.

Question 2: Can the book be used as an introductory course in Go?

Although the focus is on TDD, it contains enough information about Golang to allow beginners to comfortably start working with the language.

Question 3: What advanced topics are covered in the textbook?

It addresses advanced topics such as concurrency in Go, performance optimization, and integration with continuous integration, making it useful even for experienced developers.

Question 4: Is there a discussion of CI/CD in the guide?

Yes, one of the chapters is dedicated to integrating TDD practices with continuous integration and delivery systems. This is relevant for team projects.

Question 5: How do the authors ensure the material is up-to-date?

The authors discuss approaches to updating tests and code in an environment of constantly changing software and technologies.


Author: Adelina Simion Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1803247878
Publication Date: April 28, 2023 ISBN-10: 1803247878
Print Length: 342 pages

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