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Efficient Go: Data-Driven Performance Optimization

Bartlomiej Plotka

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"Efficient Go: Data-Driven Performance Optimization" by Bartlomiej Plotka is considered a key resource for developers aiming to fully unlock the potential of this language. It offers a deep understanding of optimization techniques and best practices specific to Go, based on data analysis and performance metrics.

What You Will Learn from This Book?

By reading this textbook, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on how to enhance the performance of your Golang programs using data and metrics for optimization. The author shares insights on:

  1. Using profilers and tools for performance monitoring.
  2. Understanding and eliminating bottlenecks in your code.
  3. Efficiently managing memory and garbage collection.
  4. Optimizing CPU and network resource usage.
  5. Minimizing latency and increasing throughput.
  6. Applying concurrency and parallelism to improve efficiency.

This knowledge will allow you to write cleaner, faster, and more reliable Go code, making your applications competitive in the modern market.

efficient go: data-driven performance optimization

Who Is "Efficient Go: Data-Driven Performance Optimization" Recommended for?

It is beneficial for a wide range of readers, including:

  • Go developers wishing to improve the performance of their applications.
  • Performance optimization specialists working in the Golang environment.
  • Technical leads and software architects interested in creating high-performance solutions.
  • Students and beginner programmers looking to deeply understand Go's efficient programming principles.
  • Data researchers and analysts using Golang for processing large datasets.

What Are the Advantages of This Textbook?

"Efficient Go: Data-Driven Performance Optimization" stands out among other books thanks to its practical approach and depth of content. The author not only thoroughly examines optimization tools and techniques but also demonstrates real examples from his experience, making the material particularly valuable.

The guide teaches you not just how to optimize, but also how to measure performance, analyze results, and make informed decisions. It fosters the development of critical thinking and a data-driven approach to performance optimization, considered key in modern software development.

More About the Author of the Book

Bartlomiej Plotka

He is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, where he brings his expertise in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to focus on observability in distributed systems. His work primarily involves developing reliable, efficient, and performance-oriented distributed systems using Go. Bartlomiej is a core maintainer of several open-source projects, notably including the CNCF's Prometheus project, as well as contributing to libraries within the gRPC ecosystem.

FAQ for "Efficient Go: Data-Driven Performance Optimization"

Question 1: What level of expertise is the book intended for?

Answer: It is suitable for both experienced Go developers and those just starting their journey. Its depth makes it useful for a wide range of professionals.

Question 2: Is prior knowledge of other programming languages required?

Answer: No. All concepts and examples are fully focused on Go, making the textbook accessible for learning without prior knowledge of other programming languages.

Question 3: What topics are covered in the guide?

Answer: Bartlomiej Plotka covers a wide range of topics, from basic principles of performance optimization to advanced techniques for analyzing and resolving bottlenecks in Golang applications. Sections on memory, CPU, network work, and the use of concurrency and parallelism are included.

Question 4: Can the knowledge from the book be applied to real projects?

Answer: Absolutely. It focuses on the practical application of acquired knowledge and includes numerous real-world examples and cases from the author's practice. This makes it an invaluable resource for developers aiming to optimize the performance of their projects on Go.


Author: Bartlomiej Plotka Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media ISBN-13: 978-1098105716
Publication Date: December 13, 2022 ISBN-10: 1098105710
Print Length: 499 pages

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