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Nicolas Modrzyk

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In the world of programming, the Go language (or Golang) is rapidly gaining popularity for its efficiency and simplicity. "Go Crazy" by Nicolas Modrzyk is considered one of the leading guides to this language. The book offers a comprehensive approach to learning Go, covering not only the basics of the language but also advanced topics such as concurrency and multithreading.

Who is the book "Go Crazy" For?

It is perfect for a wide range of readers - from beginners who are just starting their journey into programming to professional developers looking to expand their knowledge in this language. The guide will also be useful for students in technical fields and educators looking for quality teaching materials on modern programming languages.

"Go Crazy" is not just a textbook, but a true guide to the Go language. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills that will help both beginners and experienced developers successfully implement their projects.

This publication will be an excellent investment in professional development and allows mastering one of the most in-demand programming languages of today.

Why Should You Read This Edition?

  • Practical Experience. The author shares real-world experience of using Golang in professional projects.
  • Depth of Coverageю The textbook covers both the basics of the language and more complex aspects, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of the language.
  • Ease of Perceptionю The material is presented in an accessible language, making the book understandable even for those who are just starting their journey in programming.

This book presents a diverse range of applications, each showcasing the versatility and power of Go programming. Included in the book are projects such as:

  1. Framework for a 2D Go-Based Game. This application demonstrates how to use this language for game development, providing insights into creating interactive and graphical elements in a two-dimensional space.
  2. Image Random Generator REST API. Here, you'll learn to build a RESTful API, which generates random images, showcasing Go's capabilities in handling web services and image processing.
  3. Financial Time Series Handling for Trading. This project focuses on using Golang for financial applications, particularly for handling and analyzing time series data in trading scenarios.
  4. Kubernetes Operator. Dive into the world of cloud computing and container orchestration by building a Kubernetes operator, highlighting Go's suitability for cloud-native technologies.
  5. Blockchain Coding. Explore the basics of blockchain technology and how to implement it using Go, providing a practical understanding of this innovative technology.
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More About the Author of the Book

Nicolas Modrzyk

He shares his experience and knowledge, making the material accessible and interesting for both beginners and experienced developers.

FAQ for "Go Crazy"

Question 1: Is prior knowledge of other programming languages required to understand the book?

Answer: No, it is suitable for beginners, and the basics of programming are explained from scratch.

Question 2: Does the guide include examples of real projects in Golang?

Answer: Yes, Nicolas Modrzyk provides examples of real projects and practical tasks that help better understand the application of Go. The source code can be downloaded from the GitHub page.

Question 3: Is the textbook suitable for learning Go in the context of web development?

Answer: It covers various aspects of the language's application, including website development.

Question 4: Are there sections in the book dedicated to testing and debugging code in Go?

Answer: Yes, it discusses methods of testing and debugging code, which is considered an important part of professional development.


Author: Nicolas Modrzyk Language: English
Publisher: Apress ISBN-13: 978-1484296653
Publication Date: November 1, 2023 ISBN-10: 1484296656
Print Length: 384 pages

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