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The Road to React: The React.js with Hooks in JavaScript Book

Robin Wieruch

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The book "The Road to React" by Robin Wieruch stands out among other tutorials thanks to its unique and practical approach to learning React—a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This guide is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to not just learn React but also master creating quality web applications with it.

What's Inside the Book?

"The Road to React" (2024 Edition) thoroughly covers the basics of React, including its fundamental concepts such as components, state, props, and the component lifecycle. The author emphasizes functional components and hooks, highlighting the relevance of modern development approaches.

A distinctive feature of the textbook is the step-by-step creation of a real application. This allows readers not only to grasp the theory but also to learn how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

the road to react pdf 2024 free download

Who is "The Road to React" (2024 Edition) Recommended for?

This edition will become a go-to book for both beginner developers wanting to learn React from scratch and professionals looking to update their knowledge in line with the latest trends and best practices. The book will also be useful for teachers and students of IT disciplines as a textbook on modern web development technologies.

What Practical Application Does the Knowledge From this Edition Have?

By working through the material in the book, readers will be able to independently create scalable and high-performance web applications using React. Understanding the principles of development with React opens up broad possibilities for working on projects of various complexity, from simple websites to large corporate portals.

More About the Author of the Book

Robin Wieruch

He originating from Germany, is a proficient software and web engineer with a strong inclination towards both learning and teaching JavaScript programming. Following the completion of his master's degree in computer science, he embarked on a self-driven journey of continuous learning. His substantial experience stems from his time in the startup ecosystem, where he extensively engaged with JavaScript, both professionally and in his personal projects. This background laid the foundation for his transition into teaching, allowing him to share his insights and expertise with others.

Throughout his tenure in the corporate world, Robin maintained a commitment to sharing knowledge on web development, regularly publishing articles on his personal website to benefit the wider developer community.

FAQ for "The Road to React: The React.js with Hooks in JavaScript Book"

Question 1: Is prior knowledge of JavaScript required to read the book?

Answer: Yes, a basic understanding of JS will be helpful since React is its library. However, the author provides links to resources for quickly filling any gaps in knowledge.

Question 2: Does the edition contain information about Redux or the Context API?

Answer: The author touches on state management, including using the Context API for prop-free data transmission, but focuses on the fundamental foundations of React.

Question 3: Is the textbook suitable for learning React Native?

Answer: Although it focuses on React for web development, the principles and practices outlined in it can also be applied to working with React Native due to the similarity of concepts.

Question 4: Is the information in "The Road to React" up-to-date considering the rapid development of technologies?

Answer: Robin Wieruch regularly updates his work, including changes in the API and best practices, making it a relevant resource in 2024


Author: Robin Wieruch Language: English
Publisher: ‎ Independently published ISBN-13: 979-8484786787
Publication Date: April 19, 2022 ISBN-10: -
Print Length: 284 pages

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