Fullstack React with TypeScript

Fullstack React with TypeScript

Maksim Ivanov, Alex Bespoyasov

Skills: React with TypeScript, GraphQL queries

"Fullstack React with TypeScript" by Maxim Ivanov and Alex Bespoyasov is considered a contemporary guide to building comprehensive web applications using React and TypeScript. This book is a comprehensive guide, covering all aspects of development from the client-side with React to server-side logic on Node.js, with an emphasis on typing and application security using TypeScript.

What Will You Learn by Reading This Book?

By studying "Fullstack React with TypeScript," you will gain knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  • Basics and advanced techniques of working with React and TypeScript.
  • Developing client applications using React functional components and hooks.
  • Creating and managing the global state of an application.
  • Working server-side on Node.js and integrating with databases.
  • Applying modernized development approaches such as contextual typing and using GraphQL.

Why Should You Read This Guide?

The textbook stands out from other books with its practical approach, focus on modern tools and technologies, and detailed explanation of development concepts and patterns. The authors, being experienced developers, share real examples and best practices. This makes the material especially valuable for those who want to master the modern technology stack in web development.

About the author

Maksim Ivanov, Alex Bespoyasov

Maksim Ivanov is a skilled software developer with a notable portfolio of projects. His work includes developing admin interfaces for Spotify, where he contributed to enhancing the user experience and functionality of their platform. Additionally, Maksim has been involved in creating web services for the popular games Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, showcasing his versatility in handling different types of software environments. He also has experience in the gaming industry, having worked on the in-game user interface for Battlefield V, a well-known title in the action game genre.

Alex Bespoyasov serves as a consultant at 0+X, where his expertise is pivotal in aiding clients with the maintenance and development of their products. He has worked on numerous projects, utilizing his skills to enhance and innovate in various capacities. Among these, his favorite project is Tzlvt, a TypeScript-based mobile application.

FAQ for "Fullstack React with TypeScript"

Who is This Guide Recommended For?

It is ideal for intermediate and advanced web developers who want to deepen their knowledge in React and TypeScript development. It is also recommended for those who want to learn how to create comprehensive fullstack applications.

Do You Need Prior Knowledge of React or TypeScript to Understand the Material?

Basic knowledge of React will be useful. However, the authors explain the fundamental concepts in detail, making the book accessible even for those just starting with these technologies.

Does the Book Include Practical Examples and Exercises?

Yes, it is rich in practical tasks and real cases, allowing readers to not only learn the theory but also apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Is the Material of the Guide Updated According to the Latest Changes in Technologies?

Maxim Ivanov and Alex Bespoyasov strive to follow the latest trends in web development, updating the edition. However, for the most current information, it is recommended to refer to additional resources, such as official documentation.

Will This Textbook Help in Developing Real Commercial Projects?

It provides knowledge and skills that can be applied in real projects, especially in the field of creating complex web applications.

Product details

Author: Maksim Ivanov, Alex Bespoyasov Language: English
Publisher: On Kindle Scribe ISBN-13: -
Publication Date: September 27, 2020 ISBN-10: -
Print Length: 745 pages

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