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Black Hat Go: Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters

Tom Steele, Chris Patten, Dan Kottmann

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"Black Hat Go" by Tom Steele and Chris Patten is regarded as a leading guide to using the Go programming language in the field of cybersecurity. This manual offers a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for creating sophisticated tools and applications intended for penetration testing, network hacking, and other aspects of information security. The guide opens doors to the world of developing modern security tools, explaining complex concepts in accessible language and offering practical skills through real projects and examples.

What is This Textbook About?

In "Black Hat Go," you will find a comprehensive guide to utilizing Golang in cybersecurity. Starting from basic principles and moving to advanced techniques, the authors cover key aspects of developing secure applications:

  • Basics of network programming in Go.
  • Development of clients and servers for various protocols.
  • Creation of hacking tools and penetration testing.
  • Automation of network scanning tasks and data collection.
  • Application of Golang for developing web applications and services.
black hat go: go programming for hackers and pentesters
black hat go pdf

Who is "Black Hat Go" Suitable For?

This manual will be useful for software developers and cybersecurity specialists wanting to learn how to use Go to create high-performance security tools.

The book is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals aiming to expand their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity and network programming. "Black Hat Go" serves as an essential toolkit for anyone wishing to expertly use Go in cybersecurity tasks.

What Makes This Edition Different From Other Go Books?

Unlike other books that focus on Go as a general programming language, "Black Hat Go" specializes in its application in the realm of cybersecurity. The authors emphasize real-use scenarios, providing readers not only with theoretical foundations but also with the practical skills needed to create effective security tools.

The manual is filled with specific examples and projects, making it an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to use Golang in the context of cybersecurity.

More About the Author of the Book

Tom Steele, Chris Patten, Dan Kottmann

Tom Steele is a seasoned professional in the field of security assessments, boasting over a decade of experience in adversarial and research-based security evaluations. Since the early days of Go's release in 2012, Tom has been at the forefront of adopting and leveraging the language for offensive cybersecurity tools, positioning him as a pioneer in his field. He currently holds a leadership role as a managing principal research consultant at Atredis Partners, where his expertise continues to make significant impacts.

Chris Patten, with over 25 years of seasoned experience in the security industry, stands as the founding partner and lead consultant at STACKTITAN. Over the past ten years, Chris has focused on consulting for both commercial and government organizations, offering his expertise on a wide array of security challenges. His work has covered critical areas such as adversarial offensive techniques, enhancing threat hunting capabilities, and developing robust mitigation strategies. 

Dan Kottmann is a key figure at STACKTITAN, where he holds the position of founding partner and lead consultant. Boasting 15 years of experience, Dan has devoted the majority of his professional journey to providing direct consulting services across various industries, as well as to the development of consultancy practices. His main area of focus lies in information security and application delivery, highlighting his specialized expertise in these critical domains.

FAQ for "Black Hat Go: Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters"

Question 1: Is prior knowledge of Go required to read?

Answer: Initial knowledge of the language will be helpful but is not mandatory. Tom Steele, Chris Patten introduce the basics of the language before moving on to more complex topics.

Question 2: Is the textbook suitable for learning general concepts of cybersecurity?

Answer: While it focuses on using Go, it also provides valuable knowledge about cybersecurity and will serve as an introduction to this field.

Question 3: Can I use knowledge from "Black Hat Go" to protect my applications?

Answer: Absolutely. Understanding the techniques and tools used for penetration testing and hacking is critically important for developing secure applications.

Question 4: Does the book include information on developing GUI tools in Golang?

Answer: It focuses on network programming and cybersecurity tools; GUI development is not its main theme.

Question 5: Does the textbook provide information on the latest trends in cybersecurity?

Answer: Yes, the authors discuss modern approaches and methods in cybersecurity, emphasizing the relevance of using Go in this area.


Author: Tom Steele, Chris Patten, Dan Kottmann Language: English
Publisher: No Starch Press ISBN-13: 978-1593278656
Publication Date: January 24, 2020 ISBN-10: 1593278659
Print Length: 368 pages

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