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Modern Oracle Database Programming

Alex Nuijten and Patrick Barel

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"Modern Oracle Database Programming" by Alex Neiten and Patrick Barel is a practical guide designed for database developers. It offers a deep dive into advanced techniques and methodologies for working with Oracle Database. This guide not only teaches the basics but also reveals secrets for optimization, security, and scalability of applications.

Download "Modern Oracle Database Programming" to fully utilize all the features of Oracle Database. This guide will be your faithful companion in the world of professional database work, allowing not only to solve current tasks but also to anticipate the development of systems in the future.

What's Inside the Publication?

The authors focus on how modern developers can most effectively utilize the capabilities of Oracle Database. In the edition, you will find:

  • An overview of the latest Oracle Database features.
  • Methods for optimizing queries and enhancing database performance.
  • Advanced techniques for working with PL/SQL.
  • Tips for data management and transaction handling.
  • Practical examples of implementing business logic on the server side.
  • Chapters dedicated to application security and data encryption.
  • Instructions for database migration and updates in a modern IT infrastructure.
Modern Oracle Database Programming pdf

Who is Book "Modern Oracle Database Programming" Recommended for?

  1. Database developers: Provides advanced skills in working with Oracle to optimize and automate.
  2. Software architects: Helps to better understand the interaction of databases with other system components.
  3. Database administrators: Teaches new methods of monitoring and maintenance.
  4. IT students: Offers practical assignments and projects for better material absorption.
  5. Data security professionals: Discusses modern approaches to information security.

What are the Advantages of the Guide?

The textbook stands out with its deep analytical approach to teaching. It not only describes how to do something but also explains why it should be done that way. Practical code examples, step-by-step, illustrate solutions to complex problems and focus on the latest updates in Oracle Database.

This makes the book indispensable for professionals looking to enhance their qualifications. Significant attention is also given to real-business use scenarios, making learning as effective as possible.

More About the Author of the Book

Alex Nuijten and Patrick Barel

Alex Nuijten is a well-regarded independent consultant who specializes in Oracle database development using PL/SQL and Oracle Application Express (APEX). He is a regular speaker at several prestigious international conferences, including ODTUG, Oracle Open World, and UKOUG, among others.

Patrick Barel is a PL/SQL developer at Qualogy in The Netherlands. He has also created various plug-ins for PL/SQL, showcasing his innovative approach to Oracle database solutions. He actively shares his insights and experiences through articles on his personal blog as well as the Qualogy blog.

FAQ for "Modern Oracle Database Programming"

Question 1: What versions of Oracle Database are covered in the guide?

The authors cover versions up to the latest at the time of writing the book, including Oracle 19c.

Question 2:Is prior experience with Oracle required to understand the material?

Having basic experience is helpful, but the publication is accessible to beginners thanks to detailed explanations.

Question 3:Does the book include exercises or cases for practice?

Yes, each chapter contains practical assignments and examples of real projects.

Question 4:Will this guide help in preparing for Oracle certification?

It can be used as a supplement to study materials for Oracle certification exams.

Question 5:How will the book help improve the performance of existing databases?

Methods of optimization, monitoring, and refactoring aimed at increasing performance are covered.


Author: Alex Nuijten and Patrick Barel Language: English
Publisher: Apress ISBN-13: 978-1484291658
Publication Date: February 18, 2023 ISBN-10: 1484291654
Print Length: 604 pages

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