Python Programming for Beginners

Python Programming for Beginners

Philip Robbins

Skills: The Object-Oriented Programming,

"Python Programming for Beginners" by Philip Robbins is an ideal introduction to Python programming. Aimed at those new to programming, this book provides a clear, structured, and step-by-step guide to mastering the basics of the language.

Philip Robbins' "Python Programming for Beginners" is your guide to the world of Python. This edition offers all the necessary tools and knowledge to start your programming journey. It turns learning into an engaging and productive activity. Using simple and accessible language, Philip Robbins makes the learning process easy and understandable.

Who Should Definitely Read This Edition?

This guide will be an invaluable resource for beginner programmers, students, and anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently learn Python. It is perfect for those with no prior programming experience who are looking for an understandable introduction to this popular language.

What is this Book About? An Overview of the Contents

  1. Python Basics. Introduction to the syntax and structures of the language.
  2. Working with Data. Mastering variables, data types, and operators.
  3. Flow Control. Learning about conditional statements and loops.
  4. Functions and Modules. Creating functions and using modules to enhance code efficiency.
  5. OOP in Python. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.
  6. Working with Files and Exceptions. Reading and writing files, handling errors and exceptions.
  7. Simple Projects for Practice. Real-life examples and projects to consolidate knowledge.

Strengths of This Edition

  • Accessibility for Beginners. The material is presented in simple and understandable language.
  • Practical Orientation. Numerous examples and exercises for practical application of knowledge.
  • Step-by-Step. Gradual introduction to complex topics without information overload.

About the author

Philip Robbins

An experienced programmer and Python specialist, he possesses extensive knowledge and practical experience in programming. This expertise enables him to present material in an accessible and comprehensive manner. His proficiency not only lies in mastering Python’s technical intricacies but also in his ability to explain complex concepts clearly.

FAQ for "Python Programming for Beginners"

Question 1: Are any prior programming knowledge required to start with this book?

Answer: No, it is specifically designed for beginners and does not require prior knowledge.

Question 2: Is the textbook suitable for preparing for exams or certification in Python?

Answer: It serves as an excellent introduction, but deeper study of the topic will be required for exam preparation.

Question 3: Does the guide include materials on advanced Python topics, such as web development frameworks?

Answer: It focuses on Python basics, with advanced topics covered only in a general sense.

Question 4: Does the book provide online resources for additional practice?

Answer: It includes links to online resources for further practice and learning.

Product details

Author: Philip Robbins Language: English
Publisher: Independently published ISBN-13: 979-8376161821
Publication Date: February 4, 2023 ISBN-10: B0BTRRLCYZ
Print Length: 122 pages

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