Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Justin Seitz,Tim Arnold

Skills: Python 3.x, Windows COM, trojan command-and-control server

"Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters" by Justin Seitz and Tim Arnold is considered the best guide to hacking skills with a focus on using the Python language. This practical guide demonstrates how to use Python to create sophisticated tools for security testing, including network hacking, web application exploitation, and even penetrating protection systems.

Why Should You Read This Guide?

It provides readers with a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The guide offers a deep understanding of the methods and techniques used by hackers and security testers, as well as tools for their implementation.

This publication stands out from other security books with its practical approach and emphasis on using Python to develop security tools.

What Are the Strong Points of This Publication?

  1. Practical Approach. The guide offers real examples and cases that should be used to understand real threats and methods of preventing them.
  2. Deep Dive into Python 3.x. Special attention is given to using this programming language, making it an ideal resource for those who want to use Python in cybersecurity.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage of Topics. From creating Trojans and encryption to network manipulation and automating various security testing processes.
book Black Hat Python

Who is the Book Intended For?

  • It is intended for information security professionals, ethical hackers, and pentesters.
  • Suitable for programmers who want to expand their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity using Python.
  • Security professionals and hobbyists who already use hacking tools but want to build their own
  • Useful for students and researchers in the field of information security.

About the author

Justin Seitz,Tim Arnold

Justin Seitz is a highly regarded independent security consultant. He is known for his work with an impressive array of clients including Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement agencies, and various governments globally. He is the creator of Hunchly, a notable online investigation tool. He is an author of "Gray Hat Python," a pioneering book that delves into the use of Python for security analysis.

Tim Arnold boasts over two decades of experience as a professional Python software developer at the SAS Institute. His career is distinguished not only by his professional work but also by his active contributions to several open-source software projects.

FAQ for "Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters"

Do You Need Prior Knowledge of Python to Read This Publication?

Basic understanding of the language is recommended but not mandatory. The authors provide enough information to understand the basics.

What Practical Skills Will You Gain by Studying the Book?

You will learn to create various tools for pentesting, including network scanners, data manipulators, attacking modules, and more.

Is This Guide Suitable for Beginners in Cybersecurity?

It is useful for beginners. However, it is more oriented towards those who already have some experience in the field.

Does the Book Contain Current Information on the Latest Cybersecurity Threats?

Justin Seitz and Tim Arnold include the latest trends and techniques in cybersecurity in the book.

Is the Textbook Suitable for Academic Study of Information Security?

Although it is more focused on practical application, the book will be a useful addition to an academic course in information security.

Product details

Author: Justin Seitz,Tim Arnold Language: English
Publisher: No Starch Press; 2nd edition ISBN-13: 978-1718501126
Publication Date: April 14, 2021 ISBN-10: 1718501129
Print Length: 216 pages

Table of Contents

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