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JavaScript from Beginner to Professional

Laurence Lars Svekis, Maaike van Putten, Rob Percival

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"JavaScript from Beginner to Professional" is a guide designed for those aiming to master JavaScript, starting from the basics and gradually moving to more advanced topics. This is not just a textbook, but a comprehensive guide offering a holistic approach to learning JS. Thanks to the authors' combined experience, the book presents a unique perspective on the programming language, making it accessible to both beginners and more experienced developers.

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Content Overview

The guide covers the basics of JavaScript, including variables, operators, loops, and functions. It also delves into more complex topics such as asynchronous programming and frameworks.

The book addresses advanced topics like asynchronous programming, closures, prototypes, and more, providing readers with a deep understanding of the language's advanced aspects.

The authors have merged their knowledge and experience to create a book that serves as both a learning resource and a practical guide. Their varied experience ensures this guide balances theoretical foundations with the practical application of JavaScript.

book JavaScript from Beginner to Professional

Why Should I Read "JavaScript from Beginner to Professional"?

1. From Zero to Hero:

Stuck staring at code, confused by syntax? "JavaScript from Beginner to Professional" is your map to mastery. This book guides you from fundamental variables to advanced concepts like object-oriented programming, hand-in-hand with practical exercises. Build real projects, conquer the DOM, and transform from coding novice to confident web developer.

2. Learn by Doing:

Forget dry lectures and endless theory. This textbook immerses you in interactive learning. Craft engaging web applications, games, and dynamic pages while solidifying your grasp of core concepts. Each chapter acts as a stepping stone, propelling you towards professional-level expertise through practical application.

3. Unlock Web Development Secrets:

JavaScript powers the modern web. This book isn't just about coding; it's about understanding the language that breathes life into websites. Delve into the "why" behind the code, mastering not just the mechanics but the art of creating dynamic user experiences. Become more than just a coder; become a web development wiz.

Bonus: This book caters to various learning styles, offering visual aids, clear explanations, and a supportive community forum. 

Strengths of the Book's:

  • Clear Explanation. The authors successfully explain complex concepts in simple language.
  • Practical Orientation. Numerous examples and exercises help solidify the material.


  • Lack of Depth in Some Sections. Experienced developers might find the analysis of certain topics insufficiently in-depth.

More About the Author of the Book

Laurence Lars Svekis, Maaike van Putten, Rob Percival

Laurence Lars Svekis is an experienced developer and instructor with extensive experience in web development and programming. His approach to teaching emphasizes the practical application of knowledge. This makes his materials accessible and applicable in real-world projects.

Maike van Putten is an expert with deep knowledge in programming and education. Her contribution to the book enhances the understanding of technical details and nuances of the language, helping readers to gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript.

Rob Percival is a well-known tutor and author, specializing in developing programming courses. His teaching methods are aimed at explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, making it ideal for beginners.


FAQ for "JavaScript from Beginner to Professional"

Who is this textbook suitable for?

Answer: We recommend buying this publication for beginner programmers and those looking to improve their JavaScript skills. It can also serve as a reference for more experienced developers.

Is prior knowledge required?

Answer: No, prior knowledge is not necessary. The book starts with the basics of JavaScript and gradually moves to more complex topics, making it accessible to readers even without programming experience.

Does the book cover the latest updates in JavaScript?

Answer: Yes, the authors have strived to include the most current topics and updates of the language, keeping readers up-to-date with the latest trends in JavaScript.

Does the book include practical examples and exercises?

Answer: Yes, the textbook includes numerous practical examples and exercises. They help better assimilate the material and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Is this book suitable for learning JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular?

Answer: The publication primarily focuses on the fundamentals of JavaScript. It does not cover frameworks in detail, but the knowledge gained creates a solid foundation for studying these frameworks in the future.

Where can I download the PDF?

Answer: On the official website. All exercises and code are available in the GitHub repository.

Can this book help with career advancement?

Answer: Absolutely. Knowledge of JSis a valuable skill in today's job market, and this book provides the necessary knowledge and skills that can assist in climbing the career ladder in web development.


Author: Laurence Lars Svekis, Maaike van Putten, Rob Percival Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing ISBN-13: 9781800562523
Publication Date: December 15, 2021 ISBN-10: 1800562527
Print Length: 546 pages

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