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Go Programming Cookbook

Ian Taylor

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The book "Go Programming Cookbook" by Ian Taylor has established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible languages for building high-performance applications in the rapidly evolving world of programming. It will be an indispensable resource for both beginners and experienced developers looking to learn or deepen their knowledge of Go.

The author offers a comprehensive approach to learning the language, starting with the basics of syntax and progressing to advanced topics such as concurrency, network programming, and microservices design. The carefully curated content of the guide allows not only to learn to write code in Go but also to understand the fundamental principles of building scalable and secure applications.

What's Inside the "Go Programming Cookbook"?

The textbook covers a wide range of topics, starting from setting up the Go development environment, learning the fundamental language constructs, and managing dependencies using Go Modules. You will learn to handle errors, write modular tests, and work with databases.

Special attention is paid to network programming, including creating HTTP and FTP clients, using WebSockets for real-time communication. The author thoroughly covers security topics such as TLS/SSL and provides a deep understanding of Go's concurrency model. Additionally, the book provides recommendations for writing clean and maintainable code, performance optimization, and profiling.

book Go Programming Cookbook

What Are the Strengths of the Book?

"Go Programming Cookbook" stands out from other Golang guides for its practical approach to learning. Ian Taylor provides not only theoretical knowledge but also plenty of code examples, allowing for a deeper understanding of the topic. The guide is structured in a way that each chapter contains recipes for solving specific tasks, making learning highly practical. This makes the material accessible and allows readers not only to learn but also to experiment with the code.

Who Is This Guide For?

  • Beginners in Go who want to quickly and effectively master the language.
  • Experienced developers looking to deepen their knowledge and learn about new features of Golang.
  • Professionals working in network programming and microservices development.
  • Developers interested in building secure web applications and services.
  • Those who want to learn how to manage dependencies and optimize the performance of their code.
  • Students and self-learners seeking a practical guide to programming in Go.

More About the Author of the Book

Ian Taylor

He has worked on GCC and other free software projects since 1990. He is the author of the Go frontend for GCC, the gold linker, and Taylor UUCP. Now he works at Google.

FAQ for "Go Programming Cookbook"

Question 1: Are prior knowledge of other programming languages required to work with this book?

Answer: Not necessarily, but basic programming knowledge will help to grasp the material faster.

Question 2: Is this textbook suitable for learning asynchronous programming?

Answer: Yes, it extensively covers Go's concurrency model, including goroutines and channels.

Question 3: Can this guide be used as a reference for Go?

Answer: Absolutely, thanks to its structure and practical examples, it serves as an excellent reference resource.

Question 4: Does the book contain information about microservices development?

Answer: Yes, one of the chapters is dedicated specifically to designing and developing microservices architecture in Go.

Question 5: Does the guide include recommendations for performance optimization?

Answer: Yes, the author provides many tips and techniques for memory optimization, benchmarking, and profiling.

Question 6: Is the book suitable for preparing for Golang interviews?

Answer: Yes, thanks to its extensive coverage of topics and practical tasks, it will be useful for interview preparation.


Author: Ian Taylor Language: English
Publisher: GitforGits ISBN-13: 978-8119177370
Publication Date: February 5, 2024 ISBN-10: 8119177371
Print Length: 226 pages

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Why you should buy from Amazon?

Purchasing books is a commendable way to back authors and publishers, recognizing their effort and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.

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